Differential Expression Analysis
This analysis brings up the genes that are differentially expressed between two cell-types (A and B) profiled by ImmGen microarray. Drag and drop the cell-types to each Group (A or B), click "Submit" and wait a few seconds.
The results returned include FoldChange (ratio of A/B expression) and common significance statistics (t.test p.value and FalseDiscoveryRate based on comparison of replicates). To interpret the mean_A and mean-B expression values, recall that in ImmGen microarray data values of 120 or greater mean true expression, while values of 32 or below are almost certainly background (and those in between are uncertain). The result table can be ordered according to any parameter (click on the heading), and downloaded (click below). The expression profile of individual genes can be visualized by clicking a row of interest in the result table.